how to make a vector shorter for dtw() in matlab

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Kfir Weissman
Kfir Weissman le 17 Juil 2021
Commenté : Jonas le 17 Juil 2021
hi, i would like to compare audio files using the dtw() function.
i read my audio files using the [y,Fs] = audioread() function.
but the problem is :
when i send my audio data vector, (y) to the dtw function : dist = dtw(y,y) for example,
i get error that my vector y is too big, when i try cutting the vector into part i dont get the result im waiting for, so, my question is :
how can i make my vector (y) shorter and get a good result from the dtw functuion?
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Yazan le 17 Juil 2021
Provide more information about your signal or better to upload it. To make a signal "shorter" is by resampling at a lower sampling rate, but keeping Nyquist law satisfied.
Jonas le 17 Juil 2021
maybe it already helps to take just one of the stereo channels if your audio was recorded in stereo

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