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I am developing an application where I need to run some .m files. So, I created a dropdown menu (with 4 options say for eg: a,b,c,d) which when selected and run opens a directory window to select the corresponding .m file to select and run.
If in case in fututre, if the user wants one more option (eg: e) to be added to the dropdown menu list, I have a provision to write the name for dropdown as e and add that to the dropdown menu and run the model.
But, when I close the app and run the app again, the newly added dropdown menu (e) is not there. I need to store that into the database permanetaly. Any suggestions for this ?
%% Code to add the new dropdown name to the dropdown list = app.EditField2.Value;
if ~any(ismember(app.DropDown.Items,
app.DropDown.Items = [app.DropDown.Items];
%% Code to run the corresponding model
if app.DropDown.Value ==
RunModel5; %% name of .m file
I want the Item added to be stored permanentaly and also the RunModel5 into the database. Please help me with this
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Harish M Y
Harish M Y on 19 Jul 2021
Hey one more thing, the RunModel5 is the .m file which is also selected byy the user for first time and the RunModel5 is to be stored afterwards.

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