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Matlab Crashes when paste from excel

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Tala le 20 Juil 2021
Commenté : Tala le 21 Juil 2021
I copy a column in excel with 3601 elements in it and paste in in matlab 2021a. Almost immediately, matlab crashes! I used to be able to do this for years and now ....
any suggestions?
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Mudit Chaturvedi
Mudit Chaturvedi le 21 Juil 2021
Hello Faraz!
I understand you are trying to copy a column from excel to Matlab causing Matlab to crash.
Can you try importing the column to a variable using xlsread and check if that works or not?
Also what is the data being stored in the column?
Tala le 21 Juil 2021
for sure xlsread and readtable do work. Its just more convininet sometimes to copy and paste. The data is just numbers. I have been doing so (copy/paste) for quite a while and never had any issues! something has changed in the 2021 version! Technology is backwards :D
appreciate your time Mudit :)

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KSSV le 21 Juil 2021
Why you want to paste data from excel into MATLAB? You should not do this. You have to load/ read the data from excel into MATLAB workspace. For this you have functions and you need to read about them. The best way to load excel data into MATLAB is using readtable.
T = readtable(myfile) ;
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Tala le 21 Juil 2021
Agreed that this can be done by readtable functions. To me, its just more convinient to copy and paste as a quick way to try something out.
I have been doing this (copy/paste) for 8 years and this is the first time I am facing a problem like this. I think something has changed in the 2021a version.
appreciate your feedback my friend :)

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