Save appdesigner windows automatically in user specified folder

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Harish M Y
Harish M Y on 23 Jul 2021
Hi ,
I am developing an tool in appdesigner, in which when I select and run one model, new window will open up asking the inputs and if I press continue in that window, one more new window will open up with the respective graphs.
Like that, I have multiple windows will open up based on whether I will continue or exit (using button).
At the end of the program, I need to save all the windows opened into a folder specified by the user,
Please help me with this
In the run button I am writing the code like this
RunLwrExtModeCal; %The .m file which needs to run
% FolderName = images; % Your destination folder
FigList = findobj(allchild(0), 'flat', 'Type', 'figure');
for iFig = 1:length(FigList)
FigHandle = FigList(iFig);
FigName = get(FigHandle, 'Name');
folder = "E:\TATA ELXSI\Calibration_App\images"
fullFileName = fullfile(folder,FigName,'.fig');
savefig(FigHandle, fullfile(folder, FigName, '.fig'));

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