Generate training progress plot from saved trained model

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Teo le 26 Juil 2021
Commenté : Teo le 10 Déc 2021
i would like to know is there any ways to generate back the training progress plot or verbose result from the saved trained model if i forgot screenshot/save both data manually?
the code that i use to save the trained model is as below.
testnet = trainNetwork(augimdsTrain,lgraph,options);
save testnet
training progress plot
bernose result

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KSSV le 26 Juil 2021
[testnet,traininfo] = trainNetwork(augimdsTrain,lgraph,options);
traininfo has the details you want, you can plot them later if you save it.
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Teo le 29 Juil 2021
Thanks @KSSV
Teo le 10 Déc 2021
sorry to distueb you again. i trying to regenerate verbose table as shown below from the traininfo that i saved earlier after finish running the model.
However, when i treid to tabulate the data from traininfo using struct2table i get the following table which is completely different from original verbose table that we got after finish training the model in matlab. And i notice the epoch column are also missing.
Appreciate if you could help on this. Thank You.

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