How to dispaly files/folder names selected from .m files in edit field appdesigner

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I have a matlab model which when run, asks for the input files/folders and calculates the remaining things as per the code.
In appdesigner, i am calling the entire model using button. So In appdesigner, I need to have a provisoin to display the selected files from .m file which we run to be displayed on the editfield box.
If i have to select multiple files/folders, how can i display those things in edit field.
How to display those two files (in this two files, other models have different number of files/folders) in the editbox
function ButtonPushed(app, event)
RunLwrExtModeCal; % Main model to run which loads two input files and do the calculation and plot results
% if isequal(app.file,0)
% app.EditField.Value = "User Selection Cancel";
% else
% app.EditField.Value = uiputfile();
% end
% if isequal(app.file,0)
% app.EditField2.Value = "User Selection Cancel";
% else
% app.EditField2.Value = uiputfile();
% end

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