How to display names in edit field of the files selected to run .m file using button in appdesigner

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Harish M Y
Harish M Y on 29 Jul 2021
Hi I have a .m file which I wants to run using button function.
The .m file asks for the two input .mat files to be selected to execute
How can I display the names of the two input .mat files selected in the edit field boxes.
%%%%%%%% main model for reference
function RunModel
MFilDirName='ModelScripts'; %% Sub directory contains the supporting .m files/functions
addpath(MFilDirName) %% Add this subdirectory to the Matlab search path
if strcmp(LoadFiles(2),'EndExit') %% Load file is a .m function inside ModelScripts
disp('User abort')
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% App designer run button
function RunButton(app, event)

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