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Connect Matlab to PureData?

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David Mascarenhas
David Mascarenhas on 31 Jul 2021
I have a heavy code that runs in Matlab which gives me eventually lots of acoustic information as an output for some input parameters.
PureData ( is another programming language that I require to do some audio/acoustic post-processing. This can only be done in PureData. For this i need the code in PureData and Matlab to communicate in real time.
I plan to make a PureData code with the core of it being a Matlab code so that the PureData code can post-process it without delay.
Until now i was running the Matlab code and saving each data point on the locally and the running the PureData code after that.
Is there anyway to connect both of them locally so that both codes runs as one (Matlab nested in PureData)?
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you!!

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