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Index exceeds the number of array elements (0) (Matlab)

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Afluo Raoual
Afluo Raoual le 5 Août 2021
Commenté : Rik le 6 Août 2021
Dear members
I'm working on a program that contains this part
% Decoding part
% Obtaining the initial sequence
uRec = [];
for i = 1
tmp = reshape(V_final(i,:), 2, length(V_final(i,:))/2);
uRec = [uRec tmp(1, :)];
[n, ber] = biterr(uRec(1:M*L),U);
ber_sim = [ber_sim ber];
snr = 0:2:30;
semilogy(snr, ber_sim,'k*-','linewidth',1);
axis([0 30 0.000001 1]);
grid on;
When running the program, step by step for the "decode_irrwbf" function it gives results of VCor_final. So it works with this function
But in the main program shows above, when running I got the error (Index exceeds the number of array elements (0)) and in the window command I got them empty
Can anyone tell me the problem and how to solve it please
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Afluo Raoual
Afluo Raoual le 6 Août 2021
Modifié(e) : Afluo Raoual le 6 Août 2021
@Walter Roberson @Rik When I put breakpoint in the code at both Vcor_final and V_final I got results
It means it's not empty, but when I run all the code I found them empty
When I get out of this loop
They become empty
Rik le 6 Août 2021
We don't have your data, so we can't confirm what you see. So far we have no indication that any of your code would make V_final empty.
Since you have an extra end: are you running this in a loop? Is the last iteration perhaps resulting in an empty array?

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