unable to prevent whitespaces while preforming readmatrix

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Robert Scott
Robert Scott le 8 Août 2021
So i have repeatibly tried to prevent the readmatrix function from brining ing white spaces while reading a csv file.
It does not appear to make any difference what setting i change, i still get white spaces.
I am doing the following. What am i doing wrong? Can someone lend a hand please
import_options = setvartype(import_options,'char');
import_options.ConsecutiveDelimitersRule = 'split';
import_options.Whitespace = '\b\t';
import_options = setvaropts(import_options,'WhitespaceRule','trim')
array = readmatrix(filepath,import_options)

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Robert Scott
Robert Scott le 8 Août 2021
ok well if anyone else is interested i answered this myself
set this with a space in single quotes and it will work
import_options.Whitespace = ' ';

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Robert Scott
Robert Scott le 8 Août 2021
I have done some more digging with this. So when i do a getvaropts call there is no field called WhitespaceRule
Apparently, there are two different things here.
Under the main detectimportoptions call
There is a feild called Whitespace, that tells what characters matlab will treat as a white space
Then if you do a getvaropts call there should of been a field for something called WhitespaceRule
I have tried to set that to trim which should be the default anyway. Now for some reason that field is missing. I am not sure if its because my variables are of type char?
Does anyone have any ideas here.

Robert Scott
Robert Scott le 8 Août 2021
Also, s i investigate more
So when i open my csv in a test file i see the following
My delimiter is a ","
However the data goes something like this
'data' data' data
So there is a space at the end of every delimter and in between the new data. Which is what matlab must be seeing as a space.
What can i do about that?


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