how to save the generated images by GAN?

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Nagwa megahed
Nagwa megahed le 14 Août 2021
Commenté : amel laidi le 5 Nov 2021
i need to generate images by GAN ,so i followed ' Train Generative Adversarial Network' example presented here
but i have a difficulty in saving the generated images as a separated images not a dlarray
can any one help?
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Nagwa megahed
Nagwa megahed le 12 Sep 2021
No, i still have the problem
please if you find a way or solution ,write it in a comment immediately

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 14 Août 2021
Look where they display the images:
I = imtile(extractdata(dlXGeneratedNew));
I = rescale(I);
axis off
title("Generated Images")
So can't you just use extractdata() to get one image and then use imwrite() on that?
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amel laidi
amel laidi le 5 Nov 2021
can you tell us in details how you used this solution on individual images? thank you

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