Problem 2455. Diagonal of a Spiral Matrix

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Submitted on 22 Jul 2014 by Tim
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
s = evalc('type digSpi'); if ~isempty(regexp(s,'error')) error('error using error'); end if ~isempty(regexp(s,'assert')) error('error using assert'); end if ~isempty(regexp(s,'diag')) error('error using diag'); end if ~isempty(regexp(s,'spiral')) error('error using spiral'); end if ~isempty(regexp(s,'for')) error('error using for'); end if ~isempty(regexp(s,'while')) error('error using while'); end

2   Pass
%% a = diag(spiral(4)); b = digSpi(4); assert(isequal(a,b));

3   Pass
%% a = diag(spiral(5)); b = digSpi(5); assert(isequal(a,b));

4   Pass
%% a = diag(spiral(6)); b = digSpi(6); assert(isequal(a,b));

5   Pass
%% a = diag(spiral(7)); b = digSpi(7); assert(isequal(a,b));

6   Pass
%% a = diag(spiral(8)); b = digSpi(8); assert(isequal(a,b));