Problem 785. Mandelbrot Number Test [Real+Imaginary]

Created by Richard Zapor in Community

The Mandelbrot Set is built around a simple iterative equation.

 z(1)   = c
 z(n+1) = z(n)^2 + c

Mandelbrot numbers remain bounded for n through infinity. These numbers have a real and complex component.

For a vector of real and complex components determine if each is a Mandelbrot number.

If abs(z)>2 then z will escape to infinity and is thus NOT valid.

Input: [-2; 0.22-0.54i ; 0.25-.54i ; 0.26 ;.125+.125i; 0.25]

Output: [1 ; 0 ; 1 ; 0 ; 1 ; 1] ...Where 1 is for a Valid Mandelbrot

Cleve Moler has a whole chapter on the Mandelbrot set in his book Experiments with MATLAB: Chapter 10, Mandelbrot Set (PDF)

Problem based upon Cody 81: Mandelbrot Numbers

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