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Why the output from Alpha Beta to D,Q block is not in DC???
If you are not getting a steady output on the DQ side this means that the angle input to the transformation is wrong. If you dou...

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Simplified Synchronous Machine - Speed Regulation
This model has a PI speed regulator. What you are seeing at 0.2 seconds is the dynamics of this PI regulator. The regulator is c...

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How to specify rotor inertia in asynchronous machine if speed is selected as mechanical input?
If speed is your input variable, then you are defining what the speed will be. Thus, modeling the inertia and friction internall...

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Isolated synchronous machine feeding induction machine
There isn't a simple trick to bypass this issue. Typically machines are modeled as current sources, but you can use a voltge beh...

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The speed of the induction motor in matlab simulink is not starting from zero. It is starting from a higher value of around 1400 rpm. What is the reason behind this ?
Hi Suruchi, your initial condition for slip must be set to 1 for the speed to start at zero, like shown in the image below. ...

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