DaVinci Developer & DaVinci Configurator Pro

Design embedded software for AUTOSAR-compliant automotive ECUs


  • Design functional Software Components (SWCs)
  • Reuse SWCs in various vehicle configurations
  • Integrate SWCs from various external applications into the ECU architecture
  • Configure, validate and generate the basic software (BSW) and the runtime environment (RTE) of AUTOSAR ECUs


AUTOSAR is a standardized software architecture developed for automotive ECUs. This architecture includes user-defined functional software components, which are executed on a basic software stack with standardized functionality. The application software can be developed with Simulink and Embedded Coder from MathWorks.

Vector’s DaVinci Developer tool is used to design the software architecture of the Software Components and integrate them into the ECU context. It provides a consistency check to prove the design correctness, completeness and ensure that your SWCs fulfill the AUTOSAR compliance requirements.

DaVinci Configurator Pro, from Vector, is used to configure, validate and then generate your AUTOSAR Basic Software modules (BSW). Powerful tool functions help you configure the BSW and RTE to match the OEM’s communication and diagnostic description as well as to your application SWCs.

Based on the ARXML exchange format defined within the AUTOSAR standard, the DaVinci tools exchange design data with Simulink and Embedded Coder. Smart import/export features enable a smooth roundtrip development of your applications.

For more information on DaVinci and other AUTOSAR-related tools, visit Vector’s AUTOSAR Tools Overview Webpage.

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