EB tresos Studio and EB tresos AutoCore

Configuration, validation, and code generation for AUTOSAR basic software


  • Open and user-friendly configuration tool based on Eclipse™
  • Full AUTOSAR support
  • Importers and exporters for AUTOSAR and legacy parameter description files
  • Command-line support
  • Workflow support
  • Documented public application interface (API)


The main window of EB tresos Studio



EB tresos Studio is an Eclipse-based tool for the configuration and generation of AUTOSAR basic software modules. EB tresos Studio allows ECU developers and integrators to verify the consistency of configurations and to generate code for basic software modules for an AUTOSAR standard core.

To simplify the configuration of an ECU, EB tresos Studio provides several importers for AUTOSAR system descriptions, including OIL, DBC, LDF, and Fibex files. EB tresos Studio follows the AUTOSAR methodology but can be used for non-AUTOSAR projects as well. Because of the open concept of its code generator engines, parameter verification language, data model access, and interface, EB tresos Studio can be seamlessly integrated into existing tool chains and workflows. Moreover, users can import their company-specific basic software modules and legacy software components.

EB tresos Studio is especially designed for configuring and generating code for EB tresos AutoCore, EB’s implementation of an AUTOSAR basic software. EB tresos AutoCore is used to develop automotive ECUs for mass production projects and is available in variants for CAN, LIN, and FlexRay communication. EB tresos AutoCore supports multicore and single core. Both products are part of the EB tresos product line.

Embedded Coder® from MathWorks generates software component descriptions that comply with the AUTOSAR standard. The software component description format can then be imported into EB tresos Studio in order to generate the AUTOSAR run-time environment (RTE). Further points of interoperability may be established in the future.

Customer applications include the following scenarios:

  • OEMs use EB tresos Studio to set up their standard core software for their suppliers.
  • Tier 1s use EB tresos Studio to configure and generate AUTOSAR basic software (EB tresos AutoCore) for their ECUs.
  • Semiconductor vendors, such as Freescale, Fujitsu, Infineon, and STMicroelectronics, have chosen EB tresos Studio as the tool for setting up their microcontroller drivers for their customers.
  • The member companies of JasPar have selected EB tresos Studio – together with EB tresos AutoCore – in a joint effort to standardize middleware and software platforms across the Japanese automotive industry.

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