Sysmac Studio

Single development environment for motion, logic, drive, and vision applications


  • Support for IEC 61131-3 languages
  • 3D simulation and debugging by integration of logic and motion controls
  • Structured text import from Simulink PLC Coder™ for implementing Simulink control algorithms
  • Machine-less software verification through cosimulation of Sysmac Studio and Simulink
  • Monitoring of operating data in Simulink while periodic sampling of data in the controller
  • OMRON EtherCAT® slave* models provided in the Simulink library


Sysmac® Studio is part of the Sysmac automation platform, which is an integrated development environment that provides complete machine control through one connection and one software. Sysmac Studio has various functions such as setup, programming, simulation, and monitoring of machine automation controllers including NJ-series controllers and EtherCAT slaves. The NJ-Series automation controllers integrate motion, sequencing, and network connectivity. Finally, EtherCAT provides a fast machine network to control motion, vision, sensors, and actuators.

Sysmac Studio complies with the IEC 61131-3 standard and allows users to import Simulink® control algorithms that have been converted to structured text programs by Simulink PLC Coder.

Sysmac Studio also enables machine-less software verification by cosimulation with Simulink and monitoring of operation data on Simulink, while periodically sampling the data in an NJ-series machine automation controller.

Additionally, Sysmac Studio allows users to use the OMRON EtherCAT slave* models that run on Simulink according to the parameter settings on Sysmac Studio.

*G5-series servo drives, GX-series analog I/O terminals, and NX-series analog I/O units


Kyoto Kyoto-shi Shiokoji Horikawa, Shimogyo-ku
Tel: 81(0)75 344 7173

Required Products

Recommended Products


  • Windows

Product Type

  • Industrial Controllers and PLCs


  • Control Systems
  • Process Control and Monitoring
  • Motion control


  • Automotive
  • Food and Beverage
  • Industrial Automation and Machinery
  • Semiconductor