Central Banks Notes

Get the latest insights on how Central Banks use MATLAB

What’s New in MATLAB for Economists?

Discover new features in MATLAB, add-on products, and more

Community-Led Econometrics Modeling Toolboxes for MATLAB

Discover how features of MATLAB and popular community toolboxes from Dynare, BEAR, and IRIS enable economists and researchers to conduct advanced econometric analyses, DSGE modeling, and macroeconomic forecasting

Tailored Training Courses

With more than 60 training courses, you can advance your skills with MATLAB and accommodate your organizational needs

“We had introductory MATLAB training with a focus on Finance and a customized part on portfolio optimization. I found the training to be very engaging and productive, and excellent value for money.”

Romualdas Zovė, Head of Asset Allocation Unit, Bank of Lithuania

Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence in Central Banks

Learn how economic researchers at Central Banks are taking advantage of big data and machine learning with MATLAB and Simulink

Climate Integrated Assessment Models Explorer

Use Integrated Assessment Model (IAM) outputs to model the impact of climate change and run climate stress-tests

The ECB's BEAR Toolbox

The ECB have a new release of the Bayesian Estimation, Analysis and Regression (BEAR) toolbox

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Stuart Theakston,
Central Banking Expert