Video and Webinar Series

MATLAB Oil and Gas Conference 2019

These are the proceeding videos from the MathWorks Advisory Board 2019 – Oil and Gas.

Digital Twins for the Oil and Gas Industry This video provides an overview of digital twin concepts for the oil and gas industry with a triplex pump example.

Digital Twin of a Drilling Rig: Using Simulink to Predict Rig Performance A digital twin of the above ground electro-mechanical and control systems for a drilling rig was created using Simulink and Simscape, reducing development time from one year with a team of experts to less than four months with a single developer.

Reinforcement Learning Workflows for AI This video provides an overview of the reinforcement learning workflow with Reinforcement Learning Toolbox.

Seismic Analysis with Wavelets and Deep Learning Wavelets and deep learning are used to distinguish seismic facies.

MATLAB and Open Source Gustavo Sanchez from Pandata Tech addresses some common misconceptions about MATLAB vs. open source.

MATLAB in the Cloud and Connecting with OSIsoft Systems This video presents an overview of MATLAB cloud products and the ability to integrate MATLAB with operational systems such as the OSIsoft PI System.

Developing Industrial Robotics Systems Using MATLAB and Simulink This video presents an overview of new features in MATLAB and Simulink for robotics and autonomous systems.

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