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Third-Party Products: Enhancing MATLAB and Simulink for Video and Image Applications

Enhancing MATLAB and Simulink for Video and Image Applications


Image Acquisition

Scientific digital cameras and frame grabbers support direct streaming of images into MATLAB or Simulink.

Hamamatsu Cameras provide high resolution and sensitivity for biomedical, industrial, and semiconductor applications. The cameras cover a spectral range from UV to near-infrared and X-ray, with high signal-to-noise performance and low-light sensitivity. An Image Acquisition Toolbox adapter provides direct access to images from within MATLAB.

PC2-Vision is a high-performance, PCI-based frame grabber for acquiring images from industrial cameras for cost-sensitive machine vision applications. It interfaces with standard, nonstandard, RGB, and dual-channel analog cameras. An Image Acquisition Toolbox driver enables engineers to acquire data from PC2-Vision directly into MATLAB.

QImaging Digital FireWire Cameras are available in resolutions from 0.5 million to 21 million pixels with nanosecond exposure times. Monochrome and color models provide high sensitivity for low lighting settings. An on-camera FireWire connection provides a direct computer link without the need for a frame grabber. An Image Acquisition Toolbox adapter lets engineers access QImaging cameras from within MATLAB.

Image Processing

Complementary products offer specialized image analysis and processing capabilities.

The ISET Virtual Camera is a MATLAB based simulator of the complete digital camera reproduction pipeline. Beginning with calibrated multispectral scene data, engineers interactively explore how physical parameters, imaging optics, sensor electronics, and image processing influence image quality. They can select, evaluate, and optimize camera optics, sensor components, and image processing algorithms.
ImagEval Consulting LLC

PROLITH is a lithography design and process optimization tool for the manufacturing of semiconductor devices. PROLITH’s accurate 3-D image predictions make it popular for lithography design for manufacturability (DFM). It includes a library of MATLAB M-files for controlling simulations and analyzing the results.
KLA-Tencor Corporation

Embedded Imaging Implementations

DSP development tools and hardware enable developers to verify algorithms on embedded hardware.

Third-party products are listed on this page as a service to our readers. The MathWorks has not tested these products, and this listing does not constitute an endorsement.

The TMS320DM64x™ digital media processors are optimized for video and include a range of high-performance and low-cost options. DSP software developers can automatically generate C code for the DM64x™ processors from Simulink models using Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder. Using TI’s Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment, developers can compile executables and implement algorithms on any hardware platform within the TMS320C6000™ DSP platform.
Texas Instruments

Published 2007