Hardware Support

Teledyne DALSA Support from Image Acquisition Toolbox

Use Teledyne DALSA GigE cameras and frame grabbers with MATLAB and Simulink to acquire video and images on PCs.

Using Teledyne DALSA® cameras with MATLAB and Simulink, you can capture live video and images directly into your image processing and computer vision workflows.

The table below lists the supported frame grabbers on 64-bit Windows® systems. For detailed information about a frame grabber listed here, please visit the Teledyne DALSA Web site.

Image Acquisition Toolbox requires Sapera LT. See Third-Party Requirements to find out which version is required for your MATLAB release.

Supported Hardware

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Interface Product Name MATLAB Releases Supported
 Analog PC2-COMP Express R2013a - Current
  PC2-Vision Express R2013a - R2018a
  PC2-Vision R2013a - R2018a
  Xcelera-AN LX1 Quad R2013a - R2018a
  X64-AN Quad R2013a - R2018a
 Camera Link PC2-Camlink R2011a - R2015b (32-bit only)
  Xcelera-CL PX4 Dual R2011a - Current
  Xcelera-CL PX4 Full R2011a - Current
  Xcelera-CL PX4 SE R2011a - Current
  Xcelera-CL+ PX8 Full R2011a - Current
  Xcelera-CL LX1 Base R2011a - Current
  Xcelera-HS PX8 R2011a - Current
  X64-CL Dual R2011a - Current
  X64-CL Express R2011a - Current
  X64-CL Full R2011a - Current
  X64-CL iPro R2011a - Current
 LVDS/RS-422 X64-LVDS R2011a - R2015b (32-bit only)
  Xcelera-LVDS PX4 R2011a - Current

Platform and Release Support

See the hardware support package system requirements table for current and prior version, release, and platform availability.