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Enable catalog antenna elements for AI-based design space exploration

Since R2023b


    The AIAntenna object lets you convert a regular antenna from the antenna catalog to an AI-based object and leverage AI-based analysis for rapid characterization and design space exploration. Using AI-based antenna models over conventional full-wave solvers significantly reduces the simulation time required to fine-tune the antenna to meet your design goals.


    You can create an AIAntenna object for the supported catalog elements by setting the ForAI name-value argument to true in the design function. This object has 2 fixed read-only Properties and catalog element specific dynamic properties which are either tunable or read-only. See the individual catalog element pages for details on these dynamic properties.


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    Info Properties

    This property is read-only.

    Antenna type from the Antenna Catalog, returned as a string.

    Example: "patchMicrostrip"

    Data Types: string

    This property is read-only.

    Initial design frequency used to create the AIAntenna, returned as a positive scalar.

    Example: 1e9

    Data Types: double

    Object Functions

    bandwidthCalculate absolute bandwidth, its lower and upper bounds and matching of antenna
    defaultTunableParametersGet default values of tunable properties
    exportAntennaExport tunable property values of AI-based antenna to equivalent catalog element
    resonantFrequencyCalculate resonant frequency of antenna
    resetReset tunable property values to default
    showDisplay antenna, array structures, shapes, or platform
    tunableRangesFind upper and lower bounds of tunable properties


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    This example shows how to create an AI model based microstrip patch antenna operating at 1.67GHz, and calculate its bandwidth and resonant frequency.

    Create AI Model based Microstrip Patch Antenna

    Use the design function with ForAI flag set to true to create an AI model based microstrip patch antenna operating at 1.67 GHz.

    pAI = design(patchMicrostrip,1.67e9,ForAI=true)
    pAI = 
      AIAntenna with properties:
       Antenna Info
                   AntennaType: 'patchMicrostrip'
        InitialDesignFrequency: 1.6700e+09
       Tunable Parameters
                        Length: 0.0862
                         Width: 0.1122
                        Height: 0.0018
    Show read-only properties

    Vary its length and width.

    pAI.Length = 0.0855;
    pAI.Width = 0.113;

    Analyze Microstrip Patch Antenna

    Calculate its bandwidth and its lower and upper bounds.

    [absBW,fL,fU,matchingStatus] = bandwidth(pAI)
    absBW = 2.3422e+07
    fL = 1.6679e+09
    fU = 1.6913e+09
    matchingStatus = categorical

    Calculate its resonant frequency.

    fR = resonantFrequency(pAI)
    fR = 1.7016e+09

    Convert the AIAntenna to a regular microstrip patch antenna.

    pm = exportAntenna(pAI)
    pm = 
      patchMicrostrip with properties:
                   Length: 0.0855
                    Width: 0.1130
                   Height: 0.0018
                Substrate: [1×1 dielectric]
        GroundPlaneLength: 0.1795
         GroundPlaneWidth: 0.1795
        PatchCenterOffset: [0 0]
               FeedOffset: [0.0181 0]
                Conductor: [1×1 metal]
                     Tilt: 0
                 TiltAxis: [1 0 0]
                     Load: [1×1 lumpedElement]

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023b