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RF Propagation

Site and terrain visualization, propagation model specification and visualization, path loss, TIREM™, Longley-Rice, outdoor and indoor ray tracing

RF propagation describes the behavior of electromagnetic radiation from a point of transmission as it travels through the surrounding environment. The analysis of RF propagation is essential in understanding how electromagnetic waves incur losses from a transmitter to a receiver in different scenarios. You can use propagation models to calculate the coverage, SINR, signal strength, path loss, and link loss between a transmitter and a receiver in basic, urban, terrain, and multipath environments.


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txsiteCreate RF transmitter site
rxsiteCreate RF receiver site
siteviewerCreate Site Viewer
FreeSpaceFree space propagation model
RainRain propagation model
GasGas propagation model
FogFog propagation model
CloseInClose-in propagation model
LongleyRiceLongley-Rice propagation model
TIREMTIREM propagation model
RayTracingRay tracing propagation model
propagationDataCreate RF propagation data from measurements (Since R2020a)
comm.RayCreate RF propagation ray (Since R2020a)


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addCustomTerrainAdd custom terrain data
removeCustomTerrainRemove custom terrain data
addCustomBasemapAdd custom basemap
removeCustomBasemapRemove custom basemap
showShow site in Site Viewer
hideHide site from Site Viewer
distanceDistance between sites
angleAngle between sites
elevationElevation of site
locationCoordinates at distance and angle from site
coverageDisplay or compute coverage map
patternDisplay antenna radiation pattern in Site Viewer
sinrDisplay or compute signal-to-interference-plus-noise (SINR) ratio
linkDisplay or compute communication link status
sigstrengthReceived signal strength
raytraceDisplay or compute RF propagation rays (Since R2019b)
losDisplay or compute line-of-sight (LOS) visibility status
propagationModelCreate RF propagation model
pathlossPath loss of radio wave propagation
rainplRF signal attenuation due to rainfall
gasplRF signal attenuation due to atmospheric gases
fogplRF signal attenuation due to fog and clouds
fsplFree space path loss
tiremplPath loss using Terrain Integrated Rough Earth Model (TIREM)
rayplPath loss and phase change for RF propagation ray (Since R2020a)
buildingMaterialPermittivityPermittivity and conductivity of building materials (Since R2020a)
earthSurfacePermittivityPermittivity and conductivity of earth surface materials (Since R2020a)