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SIX Financial Information field names to identification string



D = tkfieldtoid(c,f,typ) converts SIX Financial Information field names to their corresponding identification strings. c is the SIX Financial Information connection object, f is the field list, and typ denotes the field. Options for the field include market, 'market'; time and sales, 'tass'; and history, 'history'. market fields are used with getdata, tass fields are used with timeseries, and history fields are used with history.


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Retrieve pricing data associated with specified identification strings:

% Connect to SIX Telekurs.
c = tlkrs('US12345','userapid01','userapid10')

% Convert field names to identification strings.
ids = tkfieldtoid(c,{'bid','ask','last'},'market');

% Retrieve data associated with the identification strings.
d = getdata(c,{'1758999,149,134','275027,148,184',ids);

Input Arguments

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Connection object, specified as a tlkrs object.

Field names, specified as a cell array of character vectors.

Field, specified as 'market', 'tass', or 'history'.

Version History

Introduced in R2011b