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Setup and Configuration

Install hardware support, update firmware, configure hardware connection

To deploy your series deep learning networks and retrieve inference results from your Xilinx® FPGA and SoC devices using MATLAB®, download and install the Deep Learning HDL Toolbox™ Support Package for Xilinx FPGA and SoC Devices. For more information, see Install Support Package for Xilinx FPGA and SoC Devices.


Related Information


Configure Network Interface Card (NIC) on Development Computer

Configure a Network Interface Card (NIC) on the development computer to connect to hardware board.

Get IP Address of Xilinx Zynq Platform

Get the IP address of the Xilinx Zynq® platform through the MATLAB Command Window or at the Linux® command line.

Configure Command-Line Session for Xilinx Zynq Platform

Open a serial command-line session with Xilinx Zynq platform.

Send PING Request to Xilinx Zynq Platform

Process to PING an Xilinx Zynq platform connected to your development computer.