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C++ Data and Function Interfaces

Control the C++ class generated from a Simulink model

To generate efficient C++ code that easily plugs into your existing software architecture, configure a C++ class interface. When you generate a C++ class interface from a model, the model appears as a class, data elements appear as class members, and model functions appear as class methods. Configuring a C++ class interface, interactively or programmatically, allows you to configure:

  • Class information — Class name and namespace

  • Class member information — Class member data visibility and access method

  • Class method information — Class method names and arguments

You can use these customizations to quickly adjust the generated interface from rate-based and export-function models to meet your application integration requirements.


Code Mappings – C++ EditorConfigure how model elements and functions appear in generated C++ code


coder.mapping.api.CodeMappingCPPModel data and interface configuration for C++ code generation


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coder.mapping.api.getGet code mappings for model
coder.mapping.utils.createCreate code mappings object for configuring data and function interface for C and C++ code generation
findGet model elements for the category of model code mappings
getClassNameGet class name of model
setClassNameSet class name of model
getClassNamespaceGet class namespace for a model
setClassNamespaceSet class namespace of model
getDataGet code mapping configuration for model data
setDataConfigure model data for C++ code generation
getFunctionGet code configuration from code mappings for model function
setFunctionSet code mapping information for model function