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Code Generation Fundamentals

HDL code generation startup, language selection, HDL code generation scripts

The Filter Design HDL Coder™ workflow automates the implementation of filter designs in HDL. First, design a filter, either manually or by using DSP System Toolbox™ tools Filter Designer or Filter Builder. Then, use the Generate HDL dialog box or the generatehdl function to configure code generation options and generate a VHDL or Verilog implementation of the design. This workflow enables you to fine-tune algorithms and models through rapid prototyping and experimentation, while spending less time on HDL implementation. See Starting Filter Design HDL Coder.


fdhdltoolOpen Generate HDL dialog box
generatehdlGenerate HDL code for quantized filter


Fundamental HDL Code Generation PropertiesCustomize filter name, destination folder, and specify target language


Starting Filter Design HDL Coder

Access the Filter Design HDL Coder tool.

Selecting Target Language

Select your target language. HDL code is generated in either VHDL or Verilog.

Generating HDL Code

Once your filter design and HDL settings are ready, generate HDL code for your design.

Capturing Code Generation Settings

To save your code generation settings, you can generate a script that includes the options you selected.

Closing Code Generation Session

Save your parameter settings before closing the session.

Generate HDL Code for Filter System Objects

Learn about the specifics of HDL code generation from filter System objects.

Featured Examples