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File names and locations, identifiers and comments, ports and resets, HDL language constructs

Filter Design HDL Coder™ provides options to customize clock and reset behavior, port and variable names, and the style of the generated HDL code.


HDL Port and Identifier PropertiesCustomize ports, identifiers, and comments
HDL Construct PropertiesCustomize HDL constructs in generated code


HDL File Names and Locations

How to specify the names, folder locations, and partitioning of HDL files generated for a filter.

Ports and Resets

Customize port names, port types, and reset behavior in HDL code generated for a filter.

HDL Identifiers and Comments

Customize identifiers, comments, and other text in HDL code generated for a filter.

HDL Constructs

Customize representation of constants, loops, and other advanced constructs in HDL code generated for a filter.