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Choose Colormap tool

Use the imcolormaptool function to create a Choose Colormap tool. The Choose Colormap tool is an interactive colormap selection tool that allows you to change the colormap of a figure by selecting a colormap from a list of MATLAB® colormap functions or workspace variables, or by entering a custom MATLAB expression.

Choose Colormap Tool


htool = imcolormaptool(___)


imcolormaptool launches the Choose Colormap tool in a separate figure, which is associated with the current figure.

imcolormaptool(h) launches the Choose Colormap tool using h as the target figure. h must contain either a grayscale or an indexed image.

htool = imcolormaptool(___) returns a handle to the Choose Colormap tool figure, htool.


Open Choose Colormap Tool

h = figure;

Input Arguments

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Handle to a figure or axes, specified as a handle.

Output Arguments

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Handle to Choose Colormap tool figure, returned as a handle.

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Introduced in R2009a