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Remove new-position callback from ROI object

removeNewPositionCallback is not recommended. Use one of the ROI classes instead, described in ROI Creation Overview.





removeNewPositionCallback(h,id) removes the corresponding function from the new-position callback list of the ROI object, h.


Add and Remove New Position Callback

Create a line ROI object. Display the position of the line in the title. Use addNewPositionCallback to update the title each time you move the line.

h = imline(gca,[10 100],[100 100]);
id = addNewPositionCallback(h,@(pos) title(mat2str(pos,3)));

Move the line to observe the callback behavior.

After observing the callback behavior, remove the callback. The title no longer changes when you move the line.


Input Arguments

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ROI object, specified as an imellipse, imline, impoint, impoly, or imrect object.

Identifier of new-position callback function, specified as a struct.

Introduced in R2008a