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Convert XYZ color values to double


xyxd = xyz2double(XYZ)


xyxd = xyz2double(XYZ) converts an M-by-3 or M-by-N-by-3 array of XYZ color values to double. xyzd has the same size as XYZ.

The Image Processing Toolbox™ software follows the convention that double-precision XYZ arrays contain 1931 CIE XYZ values (2° observer). XYZ arrays that are uint16 follow the convention in the ICC profile specification (ICC.1:2001-4, for representing XYZ values as unsigned 16-bit integers. There is no standard representation of XYZ values as unsigned 8-bit integers. The ICC encoding convention is illustrated by this table.

Value (X, Y, or Z)

uint16 Value





1.0 + (32767/32768)


Class Support

xyz is a uint16 or double array that must be real and nonsparse. xyzd is of class double.


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This example shows how to convert uint16-encoded XYZ values to double.

Create a uint16 vector specifying a color in XYZ colorspace.

c = uint16([100 32768 65535]);

Convert the XYZ color value to double.

ans = 1×3

    0.0031    1.0000    2.0000

Introduced before R2006a