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Execute command on GigE Vision camera


executeCommand(g, 'commandname')



executeCommand(g, 'commandname') executes the specified command for the GigE camera g, where g is the object created using the gigecam function, and 'commandname' is the name of the command to execute.

Use the commands function to get the list of available commands for your camera.


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Use executeCommand to execute any of the commands found by the commands function, which tells you what commands are available for your camera to use.

Use the gigecamlist function to ensure that MATLAB® is discovering your camera.

ans = 

	Model              Manufacturer           IPAddress       SerialNumber
  ____________________   ___________________   _______________    ______________

  'MV1-D1312-80-G2-12'   'Photonofocus AG'     ''  '022600017445'

Use the gigecam function to create the object and connect it to the camera.

g = gigecam

Get the list of supported commands from the camera. You can click Show Commands in the property list that is displayed when you create the object, or you can use the function:


Execute a command, such as setting a calibration correction.

executeCommand(g, 'Correction_CalibrateGrey');

Input Arguments

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Name of command you want to execute on your GigE camera, specified as a character vector. Use the commands function to get the list of available commands for your camera. Then use executeCommand to execute any of the available commands.

Example: executeCommand(g, 'AutoFocus')

Data Types: char | string

Introduced in R2014b