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List of GigE Vision cameras connected to your system





gigecamlist returns a list of available GigE Vision Compliant cameras connected to your system, with model, manufacturer, IP address, and serial number. If the camera has a user-defined name, that name is displayed. If you plug in different cameras during the same MATLAB® session, then the gigecamlist function returns an updated list of cameras.


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The output of gigecamlist shows any GigE Vision cameras connected to your system.

ans = 

	Model              Manufacturer           IPAddress       SerialNumber
  ____________________   ___________________   _______________    ______________

  'MV1-D1312-80-G2-12'   'Photonofocus AG'     ''  '022600017445'
  'mvBlueCOUGER-X120aG'  'MATRIX VISION GmbH'  ''  'GX000818'

Introduced in R2014b