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Query projection structure of current axesm-based map



    mstruct = gcm returns the map projection structure of the current axesm-based map, which contains the settings for all the current axesm-based map properties.

    mstruct = gcm(abm) returns the map projection structure for the specified axesm-based map.


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    Establish an axesm-based map with default values, then look at the structure.

    axesm mercator

    mstruct = gcm
    mstruct = struct with fields:
         mapprojection: 'mercator'
                  zone: []
            angleunits: 'degrees'
                aspect: 'normal'
         falsenorthing: 0
          falseeasting: 0
           fixedorient: []
                 geoid: [1 0]
           maplatlimit: [-86 86]
           maplonlimit: [-180 180]
          mapparallels: 0
            nparallels: 1
                origin: [0 0 0]
           scalefactor: 1
               trimlat: [-86 86]
               trimlon: [-180 180]
                 frame: 'off'
                 ffill: 100
            fedgecolor: 'default'
            ffacecolor: 'none'
             flatlimit: [-86 86]
            flinewidth: 2
             flonlimit: [-180 180]
                  grid: 'off'
             galtitude: Inf
                gcolor: 'default'
            glinestyle: ':'
            glinewidth: 0.5000
        mlineexception: []
             mlinefill: 100
            mlinelimit: []
         mlinelocation: 30
          mlinevisible: 'on'
        plineexception: []
             plinefill: 100
            plinelimit: []
         plinelocation: 15
          plinevisible: 'on'
             fontangle: 'normal'
             fontcolor: 'default'
              fontname: 'Helvetica'
              fontsize: 10
             fontunits: 'points'
            fontweight: 'normal'
           labelformat: 'compass'
         labelrotation: 'off'
            labelunits: 'degrees'
         meridianlabel: 'off'
        mlabellocation: 30
        mlabelparallel: 86
           mlabelround: 0
         parallellabel: 'off'
        plabellocation: 15
        plabelmeridian: -180
           plabelround: 0

    Input Arguments

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    axesm-based map, specified as a map created using the axesm, worldmap, or usamap function.

    Output Arguments

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    Map projection structure, returned as a structure with fields identical to the properties of an axesm-based map. Examples of map projection structure fields include the projection name, angle unit, origin, aspect, false easting, and false northing. For more information about the properties of axesm-based maps, see axesm-Based Map Properties.


    • You can query specific properties of axesm-based maps by using the getm function.

    • You can modify specific properties of axesm-based maps by using the setm function.

    Version History

    Introduced before R2006a

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