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Map Axes

Define map axes; set map axes properties


axesmCreate map axes
axesmuiDefine map axes and modify map projection and display properties
clmaClear current map axes
gcmCurrent map projection structure
getmMap object properties
handlemHandles of displayed map objects
handlem-uiGUI for selecting mapped objects
ismapTrue for axes with map projection
setmSet properties of map axes and graphics objects
showaxesToggle display of map coordinate axes
tightmapRemove white space around map
usamapConstruct map axes for United States of America
worldmapConstruct map axes for given region of world
namemNames of graphics objects
tagmSet Tag property of map graphics object


Display Maps Using Map Axes

Introduction to Mapping Graphics

Mapping Toolbox™ display functions are extensions of MATLAB® graphics that automatically optimize the map display. The functions accept data with geographic coordinates instead of Cartesian or polar coordinates.

The Map Axes

A map axes contains standard properties of MATLAB graphics axes, with additional properties related to projections, scale, and positioning in geographic coordinates.

Access and Change Map Axes Properties

You can customize the display of map axes. For example, you can specify latitude and longitude limits, or display a grid over a map.

Continent, Country, Region, and State Maps Made Easy

You can create a map of a region, such as a continent, country, or group of states, using a projection automatically determined to suit the region being displayed.

Change Projection of Map

Switch Between Projections

You can change the map projection. Usually the new map projection displays the same part of the world, and you can adjust the map axes properties to refine the map appearance.

Reprojection of Graphics Objects

Many objects on a map axes can be automatically reprojected based on changes to the map projection or to some map axes properties.

Change Map Projections Using geoshow

You can display geospatial data on a regular axes, not a map axes, using a linear mapping of longitude and latitude to x- and y-coordinates.

Use Geographic and Nongeographic Objects in Map Axes

This example shows how to plot geographic and nongeographic objects. The example compares the plot of the objects in a map axes to the plot in a standard MATLAB graphics axes.