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Web Access

RESTful web services, email, FTP

The MATLAB® RESTful web services functions webread, websave, webwrite, and weboptions, allow non-programmers to access many web services using HTTP GET and POST methods. However, some interactions with a web service are more complex and require functionality not supported by the RESTful web services functions. Use the HTTP Interface classes for writing customized web access applications.


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webreadRead content from RESTful web service
webwriteWrite data to RESTful web service
websaveSave content from RESTful web service to file
weboptionsSpecify parameters for RESTful web service
webOpen web page or file in browser


sendmailSend email message to address list


ftpConnection to FTP server to access its files
asciiSet FTP transfer mode to ASCII
binarySet FTP transfer mode to binary
cdChange or view current folder on SFTP or FTP server
closeClose connection to SFTP or FTP server
deleteDelete file on SFTP or FTP server
dirList folder contents on SFTP or FTP server
mgetDownload files from SFTP or FTP server
mkdirMake new folder on SFTP or FTP server
mputUpload file or folder to SFTP or FTP server
renameRename file on SFTP or FTP server
rmdirRemove folder on SFTP or FTP server


Download Data from Web Service

Download data from a RESTful web service and convert the data into MATLAB variables.

Web Browsers and MATLAB

Web sites and documents can display in several different browsers from MATLAB.

Web Preferences

Web preferences enable you to specify internet connection information to MATLAB.

Send Email

To send an email from MATLAB, use the sendmail function.

Perform FTP File Operations

Connect to an FTP server and perform remote operations such as downloading and uploading files, creating and deleting folders, and listing contents on the server.

Display Hyperlinks in the Command Window

When you create a hyperlink to a Web page, append a full hypertext address on a single line as input to the disp or fprintf command.

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