Manage Your Licenses

You can use the MATLAB® licensing features to perform license management activities, such as activating licenses, deactivating licenses, or updating licenses. You also can visit the License Center at the MathWorks® website to perform other license-related activities.

To access the licensing feature:

  1. On the Home tab, in the Resources section, click Help > Licensing.

  2. Select a Licensing option. The following table describes the Licensing options. Depending on your license type, your system might not include all these options.


Some options require an internet connection. If your internet connection requires a proxy server, use MATLAB web preferences to specify the server host and port. See Specify Proxy Server Settings for Connecting to the Internet for more information.

Update Current Licenses

Displays a list of all your MathWorks licenses on this computer, with their status. When you select a license and click Update Selected License, MATLAB contacts MathWorks to retrieve the most current version of the License File for the license. The update process overwrites the current License File on your system. You need to restart MATLAB.

Activate Software

Starts the activation application, which walks you through the activation process. Answer the questions on each dialog box, select the license you want to activate, and click Activate.

Deactivate Software

Displays a list of all your MathWorks licenses on this computer, with their status. When you select a license and click Deactivate, MATLAB deactivates all releases on this computer associated with the license, and updates the licensing information at the MathWorks website. You will not be able to use MathWorks software with that license on this computer.

If you are not connected to the Internet, MATLAB deactivates the licenses on your computer but cannot update the corresponding license information stored at the MathWorks website. In this scenario, MATLAB returns a deactivation string. To complete deactivation, save a copy of this string, go to a computer with an internet connection, and visit the License Center at the MathWorks website. There you can sign in to your MathWorks Account and enter the deactivation string.

Manage LicensesStarts a web browser, opening the My Licenses page associated with your MathWorks Account. You can use this page, called the License Center, to perform many licensing activities.

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