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(To be removed) Create Microsoft ActiveX control from UI

actxcontrolselect will be removed in a future release. For more information, see Compatibility Considerations.


c = actxcontrolselect displays a dialog box listing all ActiveX® controls installed on the system and creates the one you select from the list.

[c, info] = actxcontrolselect returns information about the control.

Output Arguments

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COM object, returned as a function handle. Use the handle to identify this control when calling MATLAB® COM functions.

Information specified as a 1-by-3 cell array of character vectors containing the name, programmatic identifier (ProgID), and file name for the control.


  • COM functions are available on Microsoft® Windows® systems only.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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R2019b: actxcontrolselect will be removed

actxcontrolselect will be removed.

For app development using App Designer, update your code to use alternate functionality. For a list of functionality that you can use instead, see Recommendations for MATLAB Apps Using Java & ActiveX.