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Query property values for audioplayer object


Value = get(obj,Name)
Values = get(obj,{Name1,...,NameN})
Values = get(obj)


Value = get(obj,Name) returns the value of the specified property for object obj.

Values = get(obj,{Name1,...,NameN}) returns the values of the specified properties in a 1-by-N cell array.

Values = get(obj) returns a scalar structure that contains the values of all properties of obj. Each field name corresponds to a property name.

get(obj) displays all property names and their current values.


Create an audioplayer object from the example file handel.mat and query the object properties:

load handel.mat;
handelObj = audioplayer(y, Fs);

% Display all properties.

% Display only the SampleRate property.
get(handelObj, 'SampleRate')

% Create a cell array that contains
% values for two properties.
info = get(handelObj, {'BitsPerSample', 'NumChannels'});


To access a single property, you can use dot notation. Reference each property as though it is a field of a structure array. For example, find the value of the TotalSamples property for an object named handelObj (as created in the Example):

numSamples = handelObj.TotalSamples;

This command is exactly equivalent to:

numSamples = get(handelObj, 'TotalSamples');

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