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events(ClassName) displays the names of the non-hidden, public events for the MATLAB® class classname, including events inherited from superclasses.


events(obj) displays the names of the public events for the class of obj, where obj is an instance of a MATLAB class. obj can be a scalar object or an array of objects.


e = events(___) returns the event names in a cell array.


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Get the names of the public events of the handle class and store the result in a cell array of character vectors.

eventNames = events('handle');

List the events defined by the containers.Map class from an instance of this class.

m = containers.Map('May',70);
Events for class containers.Map:


Input Arguments

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Class name, specified as a character vector or string.

Data Types: char | string

MATLAB object specified as a scalar object or an object array.

Output Arguments

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Event names contained in a cell array of character vectors.

More About

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Public Events

An event is public when the value of its ListenAccess attribute is public and its Hidden attribute value is false (default values for both attributes). See Event Attributes for a complete list of attributes.

Events Keyword

events is also a MATLAB class-definition keyword. See classdef for more information on class definition keywords.

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2008a