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Class: matlab.unittest.TestResult
Namespace: matlab.unittest

Assert test session ran without failure

Since R2020a



r = assertSuccess(results) asserts that none of the tests corresponding to the results array failed. If the assertion passes, the method returns results in r. If the assertion fails, MATLAB® throws an exception.

Input Arguments

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Results of running the test suite corresponding to a test session, specified as a matlab.unittest.TestResult array.


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Run a suite of tests and throw an exception if any of the tests failed.

In your current folder, create a file containing the ExampleTest class. The verifySize qualification causes a test failure.

classdef ExampleTest < matlab.unittest.TestCase
        function testOne(testCase)      % Test fails
            testCase.verifySize([1 2 3; 4 5 6],[2 4])
        function testTwo(testCase)      % Test passes
        function testThree(testCase)    % Test passes

At the command prompt, run the tests in ExampleTest and assert that no failing conditions were encountered. MATLAB throws an error because one of the tests failed.

results = assertSuccess(runtests('ExampleTest'));
Running ExampleTest

Verification failed in ExampleTest/testOne.
    Framework Diagnostic:
    verifySize failed.
    --> The value had an incorrect size.
        Actual Size:
             2     3
        Expected Size:
             2     4
    Actual Value:
         1     2     3
         4     5     6
    Stack Information:
    In C:\Users\username\Desktop\ExampleTest.m (ExampleTest.testOne) at 4
Done ExampleTest

Failure Summary:

     Name                 Failed  Incomplete  Reason(s)
     ExampleTest/testOne    X                       Failed by verification.
Error using matlab.unittest.internal.BaseTestResult/assertSuccess (line 125)
At least one test failed in the test session.


  • Use assertSuccess as a qualification step to ensure that your tests do not produce any failures. For example, when you perform an automated build on a continuous integration platform (such as Jenkins®), you can instruct the build to fail if assertSuccess produces an error.

Version History

Introduced in R2020a