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Signal Processing

Analyze, design, and simulate signal processing systems

Using MathWorks® signal processing products, you can analyze time-series data, develop algorithms, and design and evaluate filters. Our signal processing products provide workflows for audio, deep learning, phased array, and radar applications. To model your applications, you can use a combination of language-based programming and Simulink® block diagrams, and then analyze the behavior of the systems for testing. With MATLAB® Coder™ and GPU Coder™, you can generate code from the signal processing algorithms that you develop and deploy solutions onto hardware.




  • Measure Signal Similarities (Signal Processing Toolbox)
    Compare signals with different sample rates or frequency content, measure delays, and determine if there is a signal in a measurement.
  • Measure and Manage Impulse Responses (Audio Toolbox)
    Capture and analyze impulse response (IR) measurements by using the Impulse Response Measurer.


Spectral, Time-Frequency, and Multiresolution Analysis

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Modeling and Simulation

Code Generation and Algorithm Acceleration