Access parallel pool


parpool, gcp


A parallel.Pool object provides access to a parallel pool running on a cluster.


A parallel pool object has the following methods.

addAttachedFilesAttach files or folders to parallel pool
deleteShut down parallel pool
listAutoAttachedFilesList of files automatically attached to job, task, or parallel pool
parfevalExecute function asynchronously on parallel pool worker
parfevalOnAllExecute function asynchronously on all workers in parallel pool
ticBytesStart counting bytes transferred within parallel pool
tocBytesRead how many bytes have been transferred since calling ticBytes
updateAttachedFilesUpdate attached files or folders on parallel pool


A parallel pool object has the following properties.

AttachedFilesFiles and folders that are sent to workers
ClusterCluster on which the parallel pool is running
ConnectedFalse if the parallel pool has shut down
FevalQueueQueue of FevalFutures to run on the parallel pool
IdleTimeoutTime duration in minutes before idle parallel pool will shut down
NumWorkersNumber of workers comprising the parallel pool
SpmdEnabledIndication if pool can run SPMD code


To get further help on parallel.Pool objects, including a list of links to help for specific properties, type:

help parallel.Pool

Introduced in R2013b