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(Not recommended) Error estimates for adaptation

pdejmps is not recommended.


errf = pdejmps(p,t,c,a,f,u,alfa,beta,m)


errf = pdejmps(p,t,c,a,f,u,alfa,beta,m) calculates the error indication function used for adaptation. The columns of errf correspond to triangles, and the rows correspond to the different equations in the PDE system.

p andt are mesh data. For details, see initmesh.

c, a, and f are PDE coefficients. c, a, and f must be expanded, so that columns correspond to triangles.

The formula for computing the error indicator E(K) for each triangle K is


where nτ is the unit normal of edge τ and the braced term is the jump in flux across the element edge, where α and β are weight indices and m is an order parameter. The norm is an L2 norm computed over the element K. The error indicator is stored in errf as column vectors, one for each triangle in t. For more details, see the "Algorithms" section on the adaptmesh page.

Introduced before R2006a