Physical Units

Units and unit conversion functions available with physical modeling environment


pm_adddimensionAdds new dimension to unit registry
pm_addunitAdd new unit to unit registry
pm_getdimensionsGet information about all dimensions in unit registry
pm_getunitsGet information about all units in unit registry

Examples and How To

How to Work with Physical Units

General principles of working with physical units in Simscape™ modeling environment

How to Specify Units in Block Dialogs

Using physical units in Simscape blocks

How to Apply Affine Conversion

When you specify affine units for an input temperature signal, it is important to consider whether you need to apply affine conversion.


Unit Definitions

Defining physical units

Thermal Unit Conversions

Specifics of affine unit conversion applicable to thermal units

Angular Units

Special treatment of angular units

Units for Angular Velocity and Frequency

Special treatment of frequency units

Working with Simulink Units

Ensure consistent units specification on Simulink® signals connected to Simscape physical networks