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Current, voltage, power, and motion sensors

Measure current, voltage, power, and motion using single- and three-phase electrical sensors.

Simscape Blocks

AccelerometerBehavioral model of MEMS accelerometer
Current SensorCurrent sensor in electrical systems
Current Sensor (Three-Phase)Ideal three-phase current measurement
Current and Voltage Sensor (Three-Phase)Ideal three-phase current and voltage sensor
GyroBehavioral model of MEMS gyro
Line Voltage Sensor (Three-Phase)Ideal three-phase line voltage measurement
Phase Voltage Sensor (Three-Phase)Ideal three-phase phase voltage measurement
Power SensorIdeal instantaneous or cycle-average power measurement
Power Sensor (Three-Phase)Three-phase ideal active and reactive power sensor
Proximity SensorIdeal behavioral model of simple distance sensor
PS SensorGeneric linear transducer with electrical output
Voltage SensorVoltage sensor in electrical systems


Essential Electrical Modeling Techniques

Apply Simscape™ modeling rules when you build electronic, mechatronic, and electrical power system networks using Simscape Electrical™.

Three-Phase Ports

Connect three-phase blocks using composite ports for three-phase lines or expanded ports for single-phase lines.

Parameterizing Blocks from Datasheets

Overview of techniques used to specify block parameters to match the data from manufacturer datasheets.