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Inductors and Capacitors

Spiral inductor and interdigital capacitor

Use the inductor and capacitor objects and functions to create and visualize printed circuit board (PCB) inductors and capacitors. Passive components like inductors and capacitors find a major role in system-level design.

Spiral inductors are used in RF and microwave PCB circuits as resonant-circuit elements and chokes in power supplies, voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs), low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), mixers, and intermediate frequency filters (IFFs).

Interdigital capacitors are used as antenna radiators in lab-on-chip (LOC) devices, microchips, and medical applications. These capacitors are also used in the material sciences space to measure conductivity, permittivity, and permeability of materials.


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spiralInductorCreate spiral inductor in four different shapes
interdigitalCapacitorCreate basic interdigital capacitor


showDisplay PCB component structure or PCB shape
infoDisplay information about PCB component structure
capacitanceCalculate capacitance
inductanceCalculate inductance
pcbcascadeCreate new component using cascade operation
shapesExtract all metal layer shapes of PCB component