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Template Hole

Fills a hole in a forms-based report


This component fills a hole in a form-based report defined by one of the report’s templates. When you assign a template to a report’s Report Form component or to one of its Subform components, the Report Generator creates one of these components for each hole defined in the template and appends it to the form or subform component as a child. At report generation time, the form or subform component executes each of its hole components. Each hole component executes its children. You can thus fill the holes in a report by appending Paragraph and other content-generation components to the holes.

The Report Generator creates hole components for each hole that you define explicitly in a template. The hole component’s Template Hole identifier property is set to the identifier that you assign to the hole in the template. This identifier allows you to determine which hole defined in a template the Template Hole component fills.

In addition to hole components based on holes you defined, for Word and PDF templates, the Report Generator creates a hole, called a section hole, for each page layout section defined by the template. It assigns the identifier #start# to the first section hole and the identifiers #sect2#, #sect3#, and so on, to subsequent section holes. You can append content to both types of holes.

To define holes, see:

For an example that shows how to define holes in a template and how they appear in a form-based report, see Create a Simple Form-Based Setup.


Display properties of holes.

  • Hole identifier: Identifier of the hole.

  • Hole type: The hole type associated with the hole identifier:

    • An inline hole is for document elements that a paragraph can contain: Text, Image, Link.

    • A block hole can contain the same kinds of document elements as an inline hole, plus block type of content such as paragraphs, tables, lists, subforms, images, and snapshots.

  • Hole description: The hole description from the template.

  • Default style name: If the template that defines this hole specifies a default style name to apply to text that fills this hole, this field displays the default name. To use the default name with a Paragraph or Text component appended to this hole, select Auto as the value of the Paragraph or Text component’s Style name property. To override the default style name, select the Style name property’s Specify option. If the template does not define a default style name for this hole’s content, the Report Generator uses Paragraph as a style name for Paragraph content and omits a style name for Text content.

Insert Anything into Report?

Content generated by this hole’s children



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