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Specify that an output port emits one-based indices.


void ssSetOneBasedIndexOutputPort(SimStruct *S, int_T pIdx)



SimStruct that represents an S-Function block.


Output port of the S-function.


Use this macro in mdlInitializeSizes to specify that port pIdx emits one-based index values. By setting this macro, the Simulink® software runs a diagnostic when it updates the diagram to check if the S-function output port emitting one-based indices is connected to a block that expects zero-based indices. The Simulink software signals an error if it detects that the output port is connected to an input that expects zero-based indices. Simulink blocks that accept indices include the Selector, Assignment, and S-function blocks. If neither this macro nor ssSetZeroBasedIndexOutputPort is invoked, the Simulink software does not run this diagnostic, even if the output port is connected to a block that accepts indices.


C, C++

Version History

Introduced before R2006a