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Get all Simulink.Simulation.Job objects from cluster


jobs = getSimulationJobs(myCluster)


jobs = getSimulationJobs(myCluster) returns an array of Simulink.Simulation.Job objects that correspond to the jobs created by executing of batchsim on cluster, myCluster.


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This example shows how to access a batchsim job that was submitted to a cluster. Assume that myCluster is a parallel.Cluster object on which the Simulink.Simulation.Job object is running.

jobs = getSimulationJobs(myCluster)
 1×2 Job array:

        ID           Type        State              FinishDateTime  Username
   1     3           pool       queued                              #######
   2     4           pool       queued                              #######

The output displays all the Simulink.Simulation.Job objects on cluster, myCluster.

Input Arguments

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Cluster object representing parallel cluster compute resources.

Output Arguments

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Array of Simulink.Simulation.Job objects submitted by executing batchsim command.

Introduced in R2018b